Thursday, July 16, 2009


hi ya! welcome to all things hillart which explores my love of crafts, recipes, design, fashion, wifery, dance, music (not to be confused with muzac), and random life musings. i feel a bit obligated to explain the name of my blog, just on the off-chance someone other than j.smith (hi j!) reads this. i acquired the nick-name "hillart" wwwwaaaaayyyyyy back in high school after my first name, hillary, was inaccurately printed as "hillart" in a school program. my dad loved this nick-name and continued to use it even after i left home for college. i will be the first to admit that "hillart" is kinda catchy. it's fun to say - heck, i refer to myself in the third person as "hillart" quite a bit. once my new-found college friends caught wind of it, i was doomed to be "hillart" forever. which, honestly, ain't all that bad. :)

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