Wednesday, September 30, 2009


can you believe that october begins tomorrow?!?! wowza, i sure can't. once i hit october, i feel like the rest of the year just flies by due to the sequence of holidays: halloween, turkey day, and christmas (my absolute fav!!!). the 2010 calendars have already started popping up and here are a few that i absolutely love:

ilee - pretty pretty letterpress

susyjack - i actually purchased this one and it is beautiful!

1canoe2 - more letterpress yumminess

smeurer8 - love the simplicity of this

Saturday, September 19, 2009

hook 'em.

today marks a big day in our household - UT vs. Texas Tech!!! hook 'em horns!!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

wish list.

since the temperature has finally dropped below 90 degrees (HALLELUJAH!!!!), it's starting to officially feel like fall 'round theses parts. in honor of cooler temps, i've been perusing the web looking for some new fall pieces for my closet....i know, i know - jader and i JUST had the budget talk two nights ago. but, a gal can dream right? psht, heck yes she can. anyway, onto the pics!

gah - these are amazeballs. i seriously haven't purchased a pair of shoes from nine west in about three years....but i will say that my last trip there was magical. i met odyssey who sold me the cutest pair of red, suede flat. odyssey was so awesome that i promptly decided that i wanted to name my first daughter after her. i'll save that for another's brought up all sorts of debate, teasing, and taunting (at my expense). anyhoo, aren't these peep toes just bananas??now these little dears may just actually end up in my closet. i am in NEED of some new black pumps. i've been wearing a pair of patent leather, kate spade mary-janes for probably three years now and while i absolutely love them, they are on their last leg. these suede calvin klein pumps are beautiful but the only potential problem is that they may be too high for work. i'm 5'11'' so these would put me close to 6'4''. thoughts?
what the what?? piperlime sells clothes now?? sounds dangerous. i heart piperlime - they've been good to me.

i love the plaid trend. i love that shirt has ruffles going for it too.

this one too.

this would be cute with some leggings and boots.

how cute is this jacket?

okay - that's enough day-dreamin' for now. i hope you guys have a great friday and a terrific weekend!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


i. love. this. dress. natalie portman is adorable!

dress by lanvin. image found via people.

and amanda seyfriend's outfit is rockin'.

ensemble by marc jacobs. image via people.

happy birthday old man.

happy birthday to the man who makes the best cowboy stew 'round these parts. you make me laugh like no other person can and you fill my heart with warm fuzzies. i love you like nuts!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009

max wanger.

holy geez, check out these engagement pictures!!! i absolutely adore joanna goddard's blog, cup of jo. she got married a couple of weeks ago and shared her engagement pictures around the same time. they are amazing! i love the balloon and the coloring of the pics. her photographer, max wanger, is fantastic. check out his blog, although i'd advise you to wait until you have hours of free time because it's hard to tear yourself away once you start looking.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

decorative tape.

i am a huge fan of paper source, even though i have never stepped foot in an actual store**. their stuff is always so great and their blog always has really good ideas. check out their latest post on the new woodgrain decorative tape they are carrying. i love the idea of using them for cards.

check out the rest of their tape patterns:

black damask:
purple lace:
and my personal fave, chartreuse scrolls:

**there's actually only one store in texas - in dallas, to be exact. dear paper source peeps: please come to austin!!!

ah, ikea!

how awesome is this ikea pendant lamp? can't beat the price either.

k + e

here are the promised pictures from k and e's wedding. they got married at nature's point which is literally on lake travis. k is catholic and e is jewish so the ceremony featured both a catholic priest and a jewish rabbi. it was a great wedding!! congrats you two!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

hello rain.

hello dears. i hope your holiday weekend was a lovely one. mine was really busy, but busy in a great way. as i mentioned before, my good pal, k married jader's good pal, e, and we celebrated my little sister's birthday at schiltterbahn. i am going to post pictures of k and e's wedding later today (promise!).

this weekend has been moving in a much different direction than labor day weekend. jader is in houston having a guy's weekend at the houston texans opening game, so i have the house to myself. it's literally been raining all morning and the chance of rain continues throughout the rest of the day. this means lots of reading, watching the U.S. Open, napping, maybe some crafting, , and whipping up some of these (jader's not a breakfast man).

Friday, September 4, 2009

made for me.

i will be using my michael's gift card that i recently was gifted from k to purchase one of these ASAP.
found via oh, happy day.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

just call me grace.

boy oh boy, was i ever the graceful one today at work. this afternoon i received a call from a texas representative's office. i work for an executive in a state agency and we interact with and talk to legislator's offices pretty frequently. this particular phone call was in regards to a constituent's concern about this or that, blah, blah, blah. i was half-listening, doing a decent enough job of following the story when all of a sudden i blurted out: "well dang! i just totally had a brain fart." silence on the other end. i immediately thought, "did i just say BRAIN FART?" who says brain fart? i mean, i understand that it is a relatively common phrase, but i wouldn't think that the most professional people in the professional world go around saying, "dang" and "brain fart." if you think i am overreacting, just say the words, "brain fart" out loud. do it. see??? it's gross! and embarrassing! class-act, that's me.


my best pal, j, is getting married next summer to my other pal, d. this has given me the perfect excuse to continue to stalk all blogs wedding-related in my effort to help her gather inspiration. ;) one of my fav wedding blogs is 100 Layer Cake. the weddings they feature are so beautiful and filled with handmade touches. the authors focus on all of these little details that make a wedding truly craft-tastical. while conducting "research" for j, i stumbled across this picture with the most beautiful pair of wedding shoes ever. gah! so gorgeous! christian, you get me every time....

in other wedding news, i am super excited about this weekend. not only is it a three-day-weekend, but jader and i will are attending the nuptials of k and e. we'll also get to see big whit and are spending a day with my family at schlitterbahn (the hottest, coolest time in texas) to celebrate my youngest sister's birfday.