Thursday, June 9, 2011

Giveaway to Paris!!!

One of my favorite blogs, Oh Happy Day, is giving away an amazing trip to Paris for two!!!

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

mr. president, part dos

okay, okay. i realize now that ben franklin was not actually a U.S. president. but, the mr. president nickname has stuck...and apparently, word is getting around to the other kids.

today, jared dropped off ben a little later than normal (closer to 8:00 than 7:30). 8:00 is a busy time in the bunny room. lots of babies are arriving. jared started talking to sydney's mom and introduced himself. when he told her that he was ben's dad, she said, "ooohhhh, mr. president."

ben had a pretty tough morning yesterday. the teachers said that he cried constantly unless he was being held, eating, or sleeping. they also told me that babies usually have a little bit of a rough time readjusting after a long three-day weekend. i figured it might be especially hard after a three-day weekend where he was constantly played with and entertained.

jared told me that he went to go pay ben's tuition and he peeked at ben through the window as he was leaving. ben was sitting on the playmat, messing with a toy but crying. :( he'll be fine but for the teacher's sake, i hope he starts to feel better.

Friday, January 14, 2011

mr. president

jared usually drops ben off to school in the mornings and i pick him up on my way home from work. on thursdays, jared always has an 8:00 a.m. meeting so i drop ben off and pick him up on those days. dropping him off feels so different than picking him up. in the mornings, the teachers have this nice church-lady music softly playing and all of the babies seem relaxed and happy. in the afternoons, there's always at least one baby crying (which is usually ben) and the babies feel tired and a little worn-for-wear. i never thought i would say this, for obvious reasons, but i like dropping ben off in the mornings.

the teacher staff in the mornings is different than in the afternoons. one thursday morning, i met miss sarah, a teacher that i hadn't previously met before. jared had told me that miss sarah was ben's favorite so i was eager to meet her and make small talk. she told me that she calls ben "ben franklin" and that "he's a president." i immediately assumed that this was because he was the coolest baby in the class and was voted class president by his peers (which was super impressive considering he'd only been in the school for a solid 7 days). i was wrong. miss sarah told me that one day when she was feeding ben, he started to whine when she wasn't shoveling the green beans fast enough into his mouth. she looked at him and said, "okay mr. president!" and she claims that he stopped and gave her a coy little smile. since that day, she's been calling him "mr. president" and "ben franklin."

driving in a different direction.

hey ya'll!

well a TON of things in my life have changed since the last time i posted....namely the birth of this little dude.

i was lucky enough to have six (count 'em, SIX!) months off of work when bean (i.e. ben) was born and i feel so fortunate for having that time with him. on january 3, 2011, i went back to work and bean started daycare (we like to call it "school" but whatevs, don't judge). our lives have gone through another major shift in terms of scheduling and spending time together. jader tends to drop ben off every morning and i get to pick him up. every afternoon, i beg the teachers for little details about ben's day and they usually indulge me with a story or two. some of them are sweet, some of them are hilarious, and i find all of them interesting. i thought i'd use this blog to share some of the little anecdotes about ben's life with family and friends. so here we go.....

Friday, December 18, 2009

is it ever a bad idea.....

so, i'm three months pregnant (i know!! get outta here right?!?!?!) and i found myself thinking the following at about 3:00 p.m. this afternoon....."would it be a bad idea to sit here at my desk with my jeans unbuttoned??"

not gonna lie: i did it. i unbuttoned my jeans. it felt great.....until my coworker came in to talk to me and i had to sit with my arms crossed over my unbuttoned pants for the next 15 minutes.

i ended up spilling my guts (punny huh??) to her as we were leaving work and walking through the parking lot to our cars. lucky for me, she thought it was funny and not the least bit gross. my bean is destined to have one classy momma.

bananas for monkey bread.

*tap* *tap* is this thing on??

well, hello there friends! sorry for the all honesty, i don't have the best excuse as to why i've not been blogging. so, how's about i offer up my sincere apology to the gagillions of readers out there and we forgive and forget? kapeesh?

last weekend two of my favorite buds, k and e, hosted a holiday party featuring snacks and sweets. i had recently read about monkey bread on the pioneer woman and was immediately intrigued. cinnamon? butter? sugar? BISCUITS?!?! sign me up! i figured that the party would be a good place to test the recipe.

behold my dears....THIS is monkey bread:

AND it's amazing - make it right this instant!!!! while the caloric content is out of this world, the simplicity of the recipe makes it totally worth all the calories. nothing better than an easy, extremely bad for you piece of deliciousness right? that's the magic of the holidays my friends.

image via the pioneer woman.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


can you believe that october begins tomorrow?!?! wowza, i sure can't. once i hit october, i feel like the rest of the year just flies by due to the sequence of holidays: halloween, turkey day, and christmas (my absolute fav!!!). the 2010 calendars have already started popping up and here are a few that i absolutely love:

ilee - pretty pretty letterpress

susyjack - i actually purchased this one and it is beautiful!

1canoe2 - more letterpress yumminess

smeurer8 - love the simplicity of this