Friday, December 18, 2009

bananas for monkey bread.

*tap* *tap* is this thing on??

well, hello there friends! sorry for the all honesty, i don't have the best excuse as to why i've not been blogging. so, how's about i offer up my sincere apology to the gagillions of readers out there and we forgive and forget? kapeesh?

last weekend two of my favorite buds, k and e, hosted a holiday party featuring snacks and sweets. i had recently read about monkey bread on the pioneer woman and was immediately intrigued. cinnamon? butter? sugar? BISCUITS?!?! sign me up! i figured that the party would be a good place to test the recipe.

behold my dears....THIS is monkey bread:

AND it's amazing - make it right this instant!!!! while the caloric content is out of this world, the simplicity of the recipe makes it totally worth all the calories. nothing better than an easy, extremely bad for you piece of deliciousness right? that's the magic of the holidays my friends.

image via the pioneer woman.

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