Friday, September 18, 2009

wish list.

since the temperature has finally dropped below 90 degrees (HALLELUJAH!!!!), it's starting to officially feel like fall 'round theses parts. in honor of cooler temps, i've been perusing the web looking for some new fall pieces for my closet....i know, i know - jader and i JUST had the budget talk two nights ago. but, a gal can dream right? psht, heck yes she can. anyway, onto the pics!

gah - these are amazeballs. i seriously haven't purchased a pair of shoes from nine west in about three years....but i will say that my last trip there was magical. i met odyssey who sold me the cutest pair of red, suede flat. odyssey was so awesome that i promptly decided that i wanted to name my first daughter after her. i'll save that for another's brought up all sorts of debate, teasing, and taunting (at my expense). anyhoo, aren't these peep toes just bananas??now these little dears may just actually end up in my closet. i am in NEED of some new black pumps. i've been wearing a pair of patent leather, kate spade mary-janes for probably three years now and while i absolutely love them, they are on their last leg. these suede calvin klein pumps are beautiful but the only potential problem is that they may be too high for work. i'm 5'11'' so these would put me close to 6'4''. thoughts?
what the what?? piperlime sells clothes now?? sounds dangerous. i heart piperlime - they've been good to me.

i love the plaid trend. i love that shirt has ruffles going for it too.

this one too.

this would be cute with some leggings and boots.

how cute is this jacket?

okay - that's enough day-dreamin' for now. i hope you guys have a great friday and a terrific weekend!

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