Wednesday, September 2, 2009


my best pal, j, is getting married next summer to my other pal, d. this has given me the perfect excuse to continue to stalk all blogs wedding-related in my effort to help her gather inspiration. ;) one of my fav wedding blogs is 100 Layer Cake. the weddings they feature are so beautiful and filled with handmade touches. the authors focus on all of these little details that make a wedding truly craft-tastical. while conducting "research" for j, i stumbled across this picture with the most beautiful pair of wedding shoes ever. gah! so gorgeous! christian, you get me every time....

in other wedding news, i am super excited about this weekend. not only is it a three-day-weekend, but jader and i will are attending the nuptials of k and e. we'll also get to see big whit and are spending a day with my family at schlitterbahn (the hottest, coolest time in texas) to celebrate my youngest sister's birfday.

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