Wednesday, January 19, 2011

mr. president, part dos

okay, okay. i realize now that ben franklin was not actually a U.S. president. but, the mr. president nickname has stuck...and apparently, word is getting around to the other kids.

today, jared dropped off ben a little later than normal (closer to 8:00 than 7:30). 8:00 is a busy time in the bunny room. lots of babies are arriving. jared started talking to sydney's mom and introduced himself. when he told her that he was ben's dad, she said, "ooohhhh, mr. president."

ben had a pretty tough morning yesterday. the teachers said that he cried constantly unless he was being held, eating, or sleeping. they also told me that babies usually have a little bit of a rough time readjusting after a long three-day weekend. i figured it might be especially hard after a three-day weekend where he was constantly played with and entertained.

jared told me that he went to go pay ben's tuition and he peeked at ben through the window as he was leaving. ben was sitting on the playmat, messing with a toy but crying. :( he'll be fine but for the teacher's sake, i hope he starts to feel better.

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