Friday, January 14, 2011

mr. president

jared usually drops ben off to school in the mornings and i pick him up on my way home from work. on thursdays, jared always has an 8:00 a.m. meeting so i drop ben off and pick him up on those days. dropping him off feels so different than picking him up. in the mornings, the teachers have this nice church-lady music softly playing and all of the babies seem relaxed and happy. in the afternoons, there's always at least one baby crying (which is usually ben) and the babies feel tired and a little worn-for-wear. i never thought i would say this, for obvious reasons, but i like dropping ben off in the mornings.

the teacher staff in the mornings is different than in the afternoons. one thursday morning, i met miss sarah, a teacher that i hadn't previously met before. jared had told me that miss sarah was ben's favorite so i was eager to meet her and make small talk. she told me that she calls ben "ben franklin" and that "he's a president." i immediately assumed that this was because he was the coolest baby in the class and was voted class president by his peers (which was super impressive considering he'd only been in the school for a solid 7 days). i was wrong. miss sarah told me that one day when she was feeding ben, he started to whine when she wasn't shoveling the green beans fast enough into his mouth. she looked at him and said, "okay mr. president!" and she claims that he stopped and gave her a coy little smile. since that day, she's been calling him "mr. president" and "ben franklin."

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